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Why men are rarely able to show their love

Apr 20, 2015|

Men are brought up from kids to suppress their emotions. This model is embedded in their subconscious. As a result, most men never understand what true love is. We consider the problems that arise from it and how to overcome them in order the wonderful person that you are to be assessed.

Why men are rarely able to show their love

Often the woman thought, "He doesn’t love me". And can even lead to separation, when she says: "I want love. You do not love me". And he cries and says, "I can’t live without you!"

Men from kids are taught not to show their emotions. As little boys they constantly hear: "Men are brave," "Men Do not Cry," "Men do not act like this," "Be brave" etc. All this sets in their subconscious a certain pattern of behavior from which they can subsequently difficult to release.

This situation is further complicated by the imposition of the same model on television, with that he acquires a mass stereotype and begins to self-control.

All think and act the same way. Few are those who dare to break the status quo. But now, when a man begins to express emotionality, it looks in the eyes of other men as weakness. He felt it and quickly closes in itself.

All this creates serious obstacles in dealing with intimate partner and creates problems and tensions in the relationship.

That is why the relationships that most men create, can not develop in depth. They find a partner that can stay with them for life, but never feel valued and understood completely, because not fully reveal their true inner self in front of her. This prevents to experience true love and understand what it is to be truly accepted, together with all the weaknesses and shortcomings. Because love is precisely to accept the other as it is, without trying to change it.

There are men who are free to express their emotions, their fears and anxieties to his mate. But they are not many. They are happy because they know they are truly accepted and loved as they are,. No need to prove it. No need to compete. No need to pretend. They loved with all their weaknesses.

But what do the others? Are they destined to remain deprived of the chance to relax and to be as they are, to be loved even when they aren’t brave and are scared, and even when they cry? Of course not.

You can always change. Or at least try. It will not happen the first time. You may be difficult. Maybe you will not succeed long time. You may be afraid of rejection. Start with small steps. Little by little. When you notice that it does not change the attitude of your partner towards you, you will gradually gain courage and will be fully disclosed. Then you will understand what is true happiness and complete peace will overcome. Tension will disappear in your relationship. You are loved for who you are!

But beware! Be sure in the man to whom you reveal your emotional vulnerability. This should be a person who truly loves you. Otherwise you can be deeply hurt and remain closed in yourselves forever.